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Saturday Sep 14, 2019

Logic gates are the basic fundamental unit of computers, but they exist in biology as well. This episode we talk about how gene regulatory networks allow organisms to perform complex behaviour and how new foldable synthetic DNA nanorobots may be the next frontier for personalized and targeted medicine.Universal computing by DNA origami robots in a living animal
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Wednesday Sep 04, 2019

Overly reductionist approaches have plagued science for decades. Now in the era of biological big data, how can we understand complex network dynamics? The state space framework captures the flexibility in the so-called "dogmatic" rules of biology.This idea can be applied to so much more than just biological interactions. Anything big-data.
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Wednesday Sep 04, 2019

Welcome all and everyone!
Incomplete Thoughts is a podcast about everything that is interesting in this world. Its mostly my effort to formalize and articulate some idea that perhaps until now may have just been some abstract idea in the hurricane of my mind. 
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